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Explore the most beautiful destinations in Europe on your bike! We Are Cycling combines cycling, travel and entertainment, providing a world-class atmosphere for participants and spectators alike.

Every year, We Are Cycling manages more than 80 premium cycling events in Belgium, The Netherlands, UK, France, Italy and all around the world for passionate cyclists of all levels and on all terrains.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, we invite you to be a part of our peloton!



There is no better way to discover the world than on two wheels. See the legendary sites where heroic cycling battles were fought and explore unknown territory where you will be overwhelmed by one breath taking view after another.

We create incredible customer experiences driven by passion and pride, allowing you to challenge your own limits every time again.

Cycling experiences


By striving for quality and excellence, we aim to create magic for our customers. Our organisation is based on the values of respect, unity and enthusiasm.

Our focus is client oriented and we do everything in our power to give you an unforgettable experience on the bike, from the moment you register until the happiness when crossing the finish line.